Mirja Sachs Daycare Center - ist fertig!

      Der Neubau des Mirja Sachs Daycare Centers und die Renovierung der Cteche sind abgeschlossen. Wir danken der Mirja-Sachs-Stiftung, die sich mit einem beachtlichen Betrag am Projekt beteiligt hat, im Namen der Kinder ganz herzlich!


      Hier ein Brief dazu von Jeanne Bloch:

      My dear Thomas, my dear Steff - Earlier today I sent you photographs that I took inside the new ‘Mirja Sachs Day Care Centre’ and also in the ‘Fredagh & Bernard Art & Educare Centre’!!


      What a joy it was to see everything all new, set up and beautiful — I will take more photographs of the building and kitchens etc today and let you have same!!

      From the pictures you can see that we have had our first art workshop — what bliss to be in a big, bright, clean room!! children attended and had a really excellent lesson and produced some outstanding works. Also, Jeanette Fritz called a meeting of all the parents of the art children and reported back to us that they were extremely happy with the progress that their children are making! We explained to them that art pieces will be sold to help us to cover the costs of the art materials and they were more than delighted to know that their children’s work was good enough to be sold for this purpose. I truly do believe that we are producing some incredible ‘artists’ and just knowing that these children come to these lessons on a totally voluntary basis is extremely satisfying!! Alexis is doing a marvelous job and is always telling ius that this is honestly her favourite art workshop! Our next workshop is on 19th April — will you be here??? It would be absolutely marvelous if you can be?


      We now have all 30 cots [donated by Petro Immelman of Clouds Estate] opened up in the Mirja Sachs Day Care Centre!! I cannot tell you how fantastic the centre looks with all these little cots. There is not another crèche in the Western Cape [according to Child Welfare] that has a similar set-up! We can really be very proud of what we have achieved here!

      We will purchase an additional 60 mattresses which Therese will cover for us in bright materials for the little ones that are already ‘toddling’. Our Kylemore Community Crafters have made 60 little quilts for the cots and are still going to produce a further 30!! They are bright beautiful little quilts and will certainly add to the already colorful environment.

      I am delighted to tell you that [at last] we have all the ‘certification’ from the health, electrical, and plumbing departments as well as the Municipality of Stellenbosch confirming that we have a safe, healthy environment for our babies and toddlers — we will meet for tea and cake this morning in the new centre!!

      Dear Thomas, dear Steffi — none of this would have been possible without your love and caring!! Without you and Liebenslinien e-V; our babies would still have been huddled in that dreadful, vermin-ridden environment that was the Kylemore Crèche before you came to their rescue!! I know that you do not like me to say thank you — BUT I must just once again say thank you on behalf of the children of Kylemore!!

      You will be delighted to know that I have managed to secure a further R1,600.00 per month for muffins for the pre-school children that will come from the P.C. Petersen Primary School to join us in the Art & Educare Centre each afternoon for day care! Also, all the soup powders for this year have been donated!! Everyone wants to do their little bit and be involved in what we are doing for these little ones!! Now all I need to secure is one salary for the person who will run the Art & Educare Centre – and I think that I have managed that but will only know this coming week. We definitely need a dedicated person to do this job as Aunty Rosie and the other ladies are too busy to do this also.

      Can you believe that we now have 120 children registered between ‘Frank’s Heaven” and the ‘Mirja Sachs Day Care Centre’ ? — AND a further +- 50 every afternoon from the Primary School — +- 170 children are in safe day care!! Bless you both and Liebenslinien for caring about our children!





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